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Am I crazy to sink a lot of money into the 22YO boat .Total with add ons around 16g total

  • Crazy

  • Somewhat Crazy

  • Hey if it doesn't work out you can always remove and sell the added features

  • Go for it , I don't see a problem with it

Look what followed me home

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If I like the way it handles I have big plans for this one:
Lenco tabs 9x9 seems to be the recommended size / has anyone used the 9x12s on a 1500-1520 ?
I'm liking the new switch with led indicators and auto stow feature

Electric jack plate (I fish shallow often) any advice on setbacks for this boat ?

I'm leaning towards the 70 4stk Yammi because of the weight any other lightweights out there? Would love to max it out at 80hp but seems like the displacement AND weight goes way up

Talon anchor on the port side to help offset the weight of the side console

Relocate console battery to forward hatch port side / I believe I read someone on the Forum did this any advice would be great!

Some brand of Spot lock type Trolling Motor

A nice big (9-12") combo GPS FF that doesn't require a degree in rocket science (saw a 12" a while back for a grand)

Rebuild the 1997 aluminum trailer and add some nice wheels
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Don't go too crazy putting all your weight on the port side. I run a side console and set it up with starting battery, TM battery, TM, and micro powerpole all on port for the same reason -- to offset my considerable weight to starboard.

But remember, the only time you need to offset your weight is when you're running the boat by yourself between idle and maybe 8 mph. Anytime you have a second person along, unless they're way lighter than you, you'll end up being heavy to port if you rig with all your weight on that side. Once you're on plane, at least in my experience, prop torque heels the boat over to port enough to compensate. In my application, running on plane by myself, I can get the port bow down farther with trim tabs than I can the starboard bow. Also, anytime you're fishing and not sitting at the helm, you'll also be heavy to port.

I'm not saying don't put some weight to port. Just don't overdo it. I find that when I'm loading my boat with heavy, movable stuff like extra coolers, firewood, camping gear, or whatever, I actually load the heavier stuff to starboard because the boat runs better that way.
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