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Am I crazy to sink a lot of money into the 22YO boat .Total with add ons around 16g total

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  • Hey if it doesn't work out you can always remove and sell the added features

  • Go for it , I don't see a problem with it

Look what followed me home

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If I like the way it handles I have big plans for this one:
Lenco tabs 9x9 seems to be the recommended size / has anyone used the 9x12s on a 1500-1520 ?
I'm liking the new switch with led indicators and auto stow feature

Electric jack plate (I fish shallow often) any advice on setbacks for this boat ?

I'm leaning towards the 70 4stk Yammi because of the weight any other lightweights out there? Would love to max it out at 80hp but seems like the displacement AND weight goes way up

Talon anchor on the port side to help offset the weight of the side console

Relocate console battery to forward hatch port side / I believe I read someone on the Forum did this any advice would be great!

Some brand of Spot lock type Trolling Motor

A nice big (9-12") combo GPS FF that doesn't require a degree in rocket science (saw a 12" a while back for a grand)

Rebuild the 1997 aluminum trailer and add some nice wheels
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Very nice! I have 2 friends with that exact boat (side console and all). One has a 2 stroke 60 and the other has a 2 stroke "100" (Hydro Tec kit on a 75-90hp). I think you'll want a little more power than that 40, but maybe not. Also a jackplate would be nice to idle around shallow areas, but this boat definitely isn't a "technical" skiff. Even though it's not the shallowest out there, she's still pretty good and extremely versatile.

I actually think I've recommended this boat more often than any other boat out there. Putting 16k total into it might be a little high if you're thinking about resale, but you may end up keeping it a while and the cost may be worth it to you. Or like you said, you may be able to sell some add-ons separately. You will usually take a hit doing that, though.
Thank you for your well thought out insight . I totally agree that it only makes sense if I keep it for a number of years .As far as power I hope to be able to hit the upper 30s so I'm thinking the 70 Yamaha .
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Nice! I want that 40 if you repower!
Sure thing / if I keep it I will definitely re-power . I say "if" because when I posted this on FB a friend chinned in saying he has one he'd give me a deal on . Technically I don't own this one yet so I will let you know . The motor is very strong although I still need to wet test it.
DuckNut - Clearance threads only for me lol
SmackDaddy -LMAO
LtShinysides - Hoping for upper 30s w/ 70hp
Permitchaser - Already pulled it saving for June July and August / IDK barely made it 5mi home hub blew out / steering cable on order and T&T motor is being replaced this just to get to water test it
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Nice boat, but not a cult boat or classic. There are better candidates to flip and make a buck if that's your motivation.

OTOH, a project boat can be considered entertainment and its entertainment value depends on the individual involved. If you really enjoy doing the work and seeing a project come together as you envision it (and if you can afford it), then go for it and have fun.
Appreciate your effort but you really didn't pick up on the root of the thread .A classic is in the eye of the beholder . Is this not a good Forum for KW boats ? Wasn't really looking to flip it but a buddy saw my pics posted on FB and said he had the same model . As it turns out I'll be fine with the 60hp on his and no need to repower so it's a no brainer to go through the extra trouble of re selling this one .I've had 2 of these 1520s but both were CC I'm not a big fan of CC on smallish boats and love the space the SC gives you . I hope it all works out and I keep it for many years . Planning to post pics of all the add-ons !
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