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Long Tow Trailer Prep?

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I'm preparing for the annual pilgrimage from SC to the Keys in May, and making sure everything is in order for the 850 mile drive. This will be year two with my Beavertail Vengeance. For the majority of the last year, the boat has sat on the trailer in the garage.

What do I need to look for or do to make the trip as seamless as possible? I've sprayed anti-seize on the lug nuts once or twice since last summer, but beyond that haven't done much maintenance. I did have it on jack stands for probably 6 months. Beyond checking tire pressure, any recommendations or best practices?
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Jack each wheel up and check to see how much play there is in hubs. If tire doesnt wobble or you dont hear a howl when you spin tire bearings should be gtg. Shoot a little bit of red n tacky, not to much otherwise you'll blow out rear seal. Other than that making sure tire pressure is good and no dry rot/cracking on tires and you're good to go.

Pre packed hubs run around $60-75, I always carry a spare pre packed hub and 2 tires while traveling.
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