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Long Tow Trailer Prep?

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I'm preparing for the annual pilgrimage from SC to the Keys in May, and making sure everything is in order for the 850 mile drive. This will be year two with my Beavertail Vengeance. For the majority of the last year, the boat has sat on the trailer in the garage.

What do I need to look for or do to make the trip as seamless as possible? I've sprayed anti-seize on the lug nuts once or twice since last summer, but beyond that haven't done much maintenance. I did have it on jack stands for probably 6 months. Beyond checking tire pressure, any recommendations or best practices?
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I tow a 15T from SC to the 10,000 islands each year. I also tow back and forth to Charleston many times each year. I replace my trailer tires every 18-24 months. I make sure they are inflated to appropriate pressure. I purchase radial trailer tires speed rated at 81mph. My hubs and bearings are inspected and repacked/replaced at the first sign of issues. I have 2 spare tires mounted to the trailer. I carry a new hub/bearings and installation tools. I also carry a jack, tire tool, and various other tools (these are all neatly stored in a plastic box that rides in the boat until I reach my destination). Each time I stop I inspect everything. One time I had a small bulge on the sidewall I noticed when we stopped for fuel and I replaced the tire with a spare. Other than that- I have had no issues. I like to think that I can make it there and back without any assistance from the outside world- even if I have some sort of trailer issue!!!
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