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Long Overdue: New to me Gordon Waterman 16

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My father and I decided to buy a skiff roughly a year ago (coincidentally, off this forum) after jumping into saltwater headfirst. Unfortunately, my dad lives in Dallas (where we had the skiff), and I live in Atlanta. So this past weekend we decided to move it to St Augustine where it will live permanently. Outside of running in some lakes to do some bass fishing, this is the first time we've gotten to use it for its purpose. So, outside of testing my sanity from the drive, my dad got to spook a bunch of reds and I got to learn how to work a pole (no fishing for me since padre's got a bum shoulder).

So enough backstory, here's the deets:
-2007 Waterman 16 Tunnel, 50HP Tohatsu (obligatory tunnel shot; [F]irst time, be gentle)
-Draft: it floats
-Speed: enough to induce severe a$$-puckering through sketchy inlets
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