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    Probably sounds crazy but I've never used live bait (not since my kids were little using minnows in fresh water).  We use spoons mostly and soft plastics.

    How is live shrimp sold?  by the lb, oz, pint?   What should I expect to pay (crystal river area)?  Do I bring a bucket in to the bait shop with me or do they put them in a bag?  How much do I need for 3 guys for a day of fishing?   Are there different sizes? wow  :-?
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    I don't use live bait much either if at all, but it has its time and place. Shrimp are usually sold by the dozen and come in various sizes like medium, large, jumbo/select. Most places have their own water supply if they are close to the water. You usually just show up with your boat and they will let you borrow a bucket full of water to dump into your live well.

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    Sold by the dozen. Some have small, medium and selects. 2-4 bucks a dozen. I like selects unless there not much bigger than the regulars. The have bags or I use there bucket to put them in my live well. This time of year everything eats shrimp. Have fun.
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    by the doz.-usually
    bring a bucket
    price varies--some times u get a break for a large buy
    size varies by time of year and per doz.
    quantity--- ask the shop depends if fish are biting

    need a change of water --live well

    remove dead ones and put on ice for dinner
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    I kept my live shrimp on the rocks

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    I think every shop is set up different but the one i work at we sell them by the dozen and we do not sort them by size( sorting 15,000 + shrimp a week would take to much time for us). You will need a bucket/boat also keep in mind they required a lot of oxygen and will start to die in about 30-45, but if you have an bubble box or oxygen tablet it will greatly increase that time. The amount you need depends on where you are fishing, if you are in an area with a lot of blue fish, pen fish, and such you will need to take that into consideration. If i were you and fishing for a day with that many people i would take a minimum of 4 dozen.
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    The wife and i got back from Cedar Key last week
    Bait shop by the bridge there sells nice shrimp $15 per hundred!
    I usually put then in 4 bags and put em on ice!
    We went thru 100 in 4 hrs!
    I guess price depends where u are!
    I saw em for $8 a dozen in South Fla, but i didnt buy any ! Ha
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    Here in Louisiana they sell live shrimp $0.40 each and there is usually a line you have to stand in for close to 1 hr to get some and hope they don't run out. If you keep the water cool and recirculate the water they will lats all day here. If you don't have a system in your boat that changes the water by pumping fresh water in, you need to change the water about every hr or when the shrimp look like they are dying. Here 100 shrimp don't last but about 15 minutes when you find the fish. A lot of times when i bring my customers out we will get the fish in a feeding frenzy then stop the live bait and switch to plastics. They don't pick thru them here what ever they scoop up in the net does not matter what size they are , in your bucket they go. This was wrote for a comparison to what goes on in Louisiana, seems to be a lot different than the way y'all do things.
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    Never understood why, but all over FL they seem to sell by the dozen, granted I never really see them count out the shirmp (you tend to do a little better). Im from Tampa but I started fishing at a young age with my uncle in Galveston TX. They have cups on the end of the a few nets that represents a pint, quart etc. Its soo much easier just to fill up that little cup quantity rather than counting them out. He always gets a kick out of watching the tackle shops put bait in our bucket when he comes to visit.
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