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Lithiums - for the troller

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So I am in the process of repowering my marquesa, adding a little weight on the back end so Id like to shed it else where. My TM batteries (24v) live in my console and are reaching the end of their life span so im looking at a 24v lithium but all the brands out there make it hard to narrow down. SO does anyone have them, if so what brand do you like and where did you buy from.

Looking for a 24v system to live in my console, TM comes off the boat during the summer but the batteries stay in so if i can reduce weight id like to. I know the cost is there but I like to buy once and cry once, so if i get 10 years out of it I feel I got my moneys worth.
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If you run 12V do an AC / DC charger so it charges on the alternator while running. On a marquesa I wouldn’t recommend but on smaller boat it works well. I will say when I need a trolling motors that much I am likely in the bay boat not the MS.
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