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Here is my post from over a year and a half ago. they are still going strong. I have just recently replaced my starting battery with lithium as well.

I am currently using a AGM as my house battery. But my next battery will be a lithium. As i bought the batteries from China, this was a trail run for them and didnt want to sink too much money into this. Looking back at the shipping cost, i should have just bought a 3rd battery and be done with it.

AH wise, my research shows lead acid can run down to 50% and Lithiums' down to 15% usable AH's. So there is a ~35% gain in usable AH's in Lithiums.
As I've stated earlier, I couldn't kill the 60AH lithiums in 2 days of fishing.
These batteries also charge incredibly fast. After the 2 days of fishing, each battery charged in 2.5 hrs a piece. From what i read, lithioms can charge very fast with no side effects to the battery.

As far as source, It was off Alibaba. the link is below.
Looking back at my reciept, the total shipped to my house, which took 37 days, was $774.50. This includes 2x 60AH 12V batteries, and a 20 Amp single bank charger.

THese are the batteries installed in my boat. they are smaller than a group 24

US $248.0000

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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