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Line Recommendations

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I have a 13 Fishing Concept Z baitcaster and I cannot for the life of me really dial it in to be just perfect. I have been fishing with casters for over 20 years and have not had this much trouble dialing in a reel like this one. It will works flawlessly for a trip or 2 than the next trip out it's backlash city. I've tried plain mono (Cheapo stuff from Academy since that's where it was purchased), 10 lb braid, 25 mono/flouro mix. Back in the day I used Stren and it worked fine but that was for bass only. I use this for fresh & salt so any recommendations you have would be appreciated. If you have this same reel please share any tips & tricks you may have.

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I recently switched from 20lb invisibraid to 30lb Berkley Pro Spec. The Berkley is nice, too new for final judgement, but it casts nice.
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