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Line recommendation 7wt

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Picked up a Scott Meridian 7wt. Looking into the SA amplitude. But whatever matches up best is what I'm going with. Anybody here throw with this rod?

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I have a Meridian 7 weight arriving this weekend and will be trying out an Amplitude Grand Slam (#7) on it. That’s currently my default line (in 8-weight) for my Meridian 8 (with Orvis Bank Shot, Ignitor and Salt Water All-Rounder as options for certain situations).
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Let me know how it goes.
The line arrived today and I strung it up on my new Meridian 7 which arrived yesterday. As expected the Amplitude GS performed as a good compromise between punch and delicacy. I’ll be using it with that line as my light rod for summer redfish and snook here in Florida and as my light bonefish rod in the Caribbean in January. I will likely switch to an Orvis Bank Shot or non-tropical Salt Water All-Rounder by November with the cooling water and added availability of jacks and big ladyfish on topwater. (Cooler water will make the tropical line a little stiff and with the Bank Shot line the rod will cast poppers like a sling shot!)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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