Limited options to flush engine

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by Tango1, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Tango1

    Tango1 Active Member

    Staying at a lodge this week and the options to flush the engine at night are very limited. (Suzuki 60) Boat will probably stay in the water all week. How bad is this for the engine? While not convenient at all, I could pull it and trailer to a car wash with hose access. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  2. DBStoots

    DBStoots I Love!

    I think if you're going to use it every day there won't be an issue. A well-known offshore Captain who fishes something like 320 days a year told me once that he has never flushed an engine.

  3. Tango1

    Tango1 Active Member

    Yes, it'll be used daily. I was able to rig a hose to flush the engine through the port. Hose should be available nightly. $20 tip to the night manager and hoses magically appear!

    I hear a lot of those hard use, guide stories and while I always try to keep my gear clean I can imagine it's almost impossible to keep a working boat showroom clean. The more I learn about modern Japanese engines, the more I'm impressed with the engineering and reliability.

  4. Plantation

    Plantation Well-Known Member

    Yeah think about all those center consoles at marina slips that rarely flush their motors. Dont get me wrong I do every time I take my skiff out of the water, but I think you'll be just fine. I have a friend who puts his skiff on a drive on dock and flushes his yammi 2-stroke only twice a year.
  5. Tango1

    Tango1 Active Member

    Agreed, at some point there's only so much you can do and still use the boat.
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