Lil Tate's Silver King

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by captnron, Feb 12, 2007.

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    Well then it's a Mark Scott boat and belongs in my garage. IMHO the only thing it lacks from being perfect is that I prefered th 90 2 stroke yami and would never put a TM on the bow. That boat set up w/twin TM's off the platform for Tarpon is the bomb. If you should ever stop loving her, I would be willing to love her for you.

    To save derailing this thread any further, maybe the mods could move this to a new topic to carry on?

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    That's better and thanks Tom. :)

    Now back to business.  Do have any pics?  The pre 95 SK's are one of my favorite boats ever built.  I saw the first Grand Slam when Mark made his come back, just didn't want to wait 6 months for a boat at the time. If I had, I would probably still have it today.  He was also building a goofy looking little skiff for Choco that looked like an old time bath tub with a 40 2 stroke.  The concept of the bow (while different) remindes me of the Gladesmen bow.

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    Lil' tates silver king is Bad A.

    Siver kings are sweet.
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    I was hoping he would put up some pics. It's Friday and I could use a "SK" fix. :)