Leveling a gunnel prior to installing a deck on skiff??

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by pgmelton, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Hello again. I am in process of installing a platform deck (across the bow) on a 13ft 3inch skiff. I noticed today that the very tip of the bow is about 1 1/4 in lower than highest part of the gunnel about 2 feet back. I imagine that gunnel has to be leveled prior to installing the deck or the deck would tip at the tip of the bow.

    I was considering using a foam lip about an 1 1/2 wide and than using a sureform to shape it level. One done, glass it in. and stall the deck over that.

    Has anyone run into this in any of your builds and what solutions did you use?
  2. Brett

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    Drop your deck below gunnel level and use the difference as a toe rail.
    That "dip" is used on many hulls.
    An accepted way to allow clear view of the water ahead, when seated.
    Bow raises up on plane, the "dip" compensates for bow lift.

    The big boys still use it, see?


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    that's what i would do - i would scribe a line - on that line,i would laminate a "cleat",for seating the deck on - i would fit the deck,and measure out for a bulkhead in the aft section and another bulkhead about mid point,followed by another bulkhead on the fwd section - this would make for a solid fully supported platform - cut a few hatches in the aft section of the bulkhead for dry storage under the deck...

    awlgrip,rolled on the deck and sprinkled with grip tex,makes for a nice clean non skid finish...