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Lee County Electrical Coop/United Way 13th annual Fishing Tournament
Captains Meeting April 24th (Captains MUST attend!)Tournament April 25th
D & D Matlacha Bait & Tackle
3922 Pine Island Rd.
Boats may leave from anywhere, however, fish must be at the weigh station no later than 3:30pm day of tournament.
Boats can weigh-in 1 snook, 1 redfish, 1 trout and 1 snapper per boat.

To register, contact Ed Pilkington @ 656-2381 or Dana Nicloy @ 656-2122
Monday thru Friday 8am till 5pm
Teams must consit minimum of 2 fisherman per boat (may have more), No lines in the the water prior to 7am (Honor System).

Cost: $50.00 per person, after April 22 fee is $75.00

We encourage live release at weigh-in, however there will be no "bonus weight" added for live release.

Let's see some Micro's fish'n it!! It would be cool to see one of the guys on here to win some money!

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Dang it! I'll be in the Keys that weekend! :(

Let's get some microskiffers in this one! ;D

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