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  1. Net 30

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    My oldest son graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Criminal Justice. During college he worked 3-years on the campus police force as an aide.

    He is currently living in Boca Raton and looking for any opportunity to join a force and get thru the Academy. Any tips, leads or suggestions are appreciated……thanks.
  2. tomahawk

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    He might consider state law enforcement. The big agencies like FHP and FWC will pay him to go to their academy and due to their low pay, they have a high turnover and they are always hiring. Do two years (he will have to sign a two year contract or repay training costs) and a sheriffs office or pd will snatch him right up.
    Most PD's, SO's and smaller state agencies only hire certified people so he would have to go to the academy on his own first and get his certification.

    Edit: I believe Hillsborough SO will put you through their academy. It is very competitive though. It is an excellent agency as well.

  3. Net 30

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    Thanks for the advice…appreciated!

    Any others?
  4. Paul_Barnard

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    141 He can search for enforcement specific job listings. If he is willing to relocate to get his foot in the door, there will be a lot of opportunities.
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    Same as above. Avoid going the Corrections Deputy route. State is good as long as you don't have a family. You might need to relocate for a short amount of time, but when you apply for the position you want you will be first in line.
  6. Net 30

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    Thanks for all the advice.

    He filled out an application for FHP over the weekend….see what happens.
  7. floridascuba

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    Wife has a degree in CJ. The market sucks for it. So she is going back for MBA in Health Services.

    As mentioned above. I know FWC is hiring.