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  1. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    I have fogoton what has got me to where I am.

    Thanks Gheenoe


    Thanks Tom

    Thanks Curtis

    THANKS pugar

    Thanks Blake

    Thanks ron

    Thank Rob

    Thanks Dave

    Thank Just bill

    Thanks FISHGAZAM

    Thanks Imagheenoer

    Thanks Thresher

    Thanks Lone Ranger

    Thanks Tommywhaler

    Thanks Ron W.

    Thanks JRH

    Thanks deerfly

    Thanks everyone who have watched me say stupid thing

    and thanks RJ beavis for letting me know when I do ;D
  2. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Your a fine grasshopper. ;)

  3. Lil_Tate

    Lil_Tate Well-Known Member

    The force is strong in this one...
  4. beavis

    beavis Well-Known Member

    yeah, and I am going to coreect you again because your parents should be at the top of that list for all the stuff I have heard of them doingso that you could put the time in fishing.
  5. captnron

    captnron Guest

    I noticed that too but glad you brought it up.

    I will give some slack since he didn't boast his "hot" GF. ;)
  6. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Young tards is learning... ;D Takes time to go from a young know it all to an old fart that know how little they actually know...

  7. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Funny how the older we get, the more we realize in the scheme of things, we don't no jack. With age we learn what we don't know. ;)
  8. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    I was just talking about this forum rj, but if you want me to list through the people that have helped me along my way I will.

    Thanks mom and dad I appriciate you more then you'll ever know.

    And rj, you truley are out to get me arnt you?lol
  9. costefishnt

    costefishnt Cost Efish'nt³

    Tanner, I was going to call you last night and have a little "pep talk" but on my ride hoe it dawned on me, I hate when people try to tell me how I should live my, this morning I though about it on the way back to work....I wish I had listened to those who gave advice as opposed to doing things the hard way.

    Tanner your a good kid, but your a kid none the less. I remember when you first came around, and you were nothing more than a snot nose, but you have grown, and well, I have always liked you and see a lot of potential in you. The first thing you need to do is close your mouth (or type less) and listen (or read) more. everybody has an opinion, but it is their opinion, not someone elses. Make up your own mind, do not be swayed by the likes of Billy, larry, ron, or myself. You will understand this more and more as you mature, and not until then. Learn not from what some idiot like myself types on an intardnet forum, but from experience. read books on subjects of your interest, visit boat builders like ron does, visit museums, study your surroundings. I promise you it will make you a better man in the long run.

    forgetting those who have helped you climb to your standing is not a good thing, but those who helped push you did not put you where you are. you did that. do not ruin it with what you think someone might want you to say. rj was right, your parents are the only people who deserve thanks, or at least they should be at the very top of your list!!!

    keep your feet on the ground. a boat will not make you any better, it will not be your savior, it is just a boat.......
  10. captnron

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    Someone splashed Curtis here too. :eek: :eek: :eek: Clearly better. ;)
  11. mygheenoe1

    mygheenoe1 Well-Known Member

    curtis did not tell anyone but he has been taking typing classes at a junior college in titsusville
  12. whitesnook

    whitesnook Guest

    u're welcome sire! u still own me about fishing trip! ;D ;D ;)