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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by Pierson, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Pierson

    Pierson Well-Known Member

    Since I need another large fly box I figured I would share with you guys my solution to the ridiculously overpriced options you are insulted with when you search 'Large saltwater fly box'. $40 for a plastic box and foam is a robbery in my opinion. I make perfectly functional fly boxes of the same size for under $15.

    (this one not mine-taken from article)


    Here is a link to the instructions (I did not make this):

    Another one (same concept, better foam cutting method):

    Here is a link to the box: (google around, you can find similar cases in different sizes and colors)

    Hope this helps! I will never buy a fly box again, you can can follow this process for almost any size case. It is also super easy to replace the foam if it wears out!
  2. THX1138

    THX1138 Well-Known Member

    I wish I would have seen this two weeks ago, lol. Thanks for posting though.

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  3. JaxLaxFish

    JaxLaxFish I Love!


    Here's a cheaper link to the same box minus the foam inside for the pistol. I found the pistol box you listed at dick's if anyone would like to avoid online shopping. I have a cliff's bugger beast jr as well and this box clearly came out of the same mold. It's crazy to me how much they charge for adding a little foam and marketing as a fly box.
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  4. shb

    shb I Love!

    Fly lines are worse.

    $90 for 3 oz of plastic?

    We're giant suckers.
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  5. bananabob

    bananabob I Love!

    I saw where the Old Fly in So. Florida charging $200 for a fly box with art printed on it. R i i i i ght!

    You are correct shb, lines probably cost maybe $3.00 to make.
  6. KnotHome

    KnotHome "I got to stop wishin'. I've got to go fishin

    I use the 3M Super 77 because I like overkill, craft foam from Hobby Lobby for political reasons, and the Plano single pistol case at Academy because I can walk in and grab 1 or 4.
  7. Roger Douglas

    Roger Douglas Well-Known Member

    I made a second one last week. $7.00 for a pistol case and $2.00 for some thick foam. Took about 30 minutes to make. You can cut the slots close or far apart depending on the size flies.

    The only drawback is with the high wings over the hook point get mashed flat. Maybe they will spring back when wet. Or just need them loose in a plastic tray box.
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