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Should be pretty easy ...I know on the early Nissan there is a kill button You can remove and install the safety style ...

I probibly will install one before I sell the motor ...


I think the Nissan style would be the easiest/cheapest to Install

I will see if I can get a photo up for you ...

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What a great idea! I am going to order one and see how easy it is to install and if all goes well I will get them for mine and my fishing buddy's boats. We all run along at night looking for schools of fish and I have .........uh read about how someone can hit a piling and fall overboard.

By the way that switch won't work if you aren't wearing it.

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Because a kill switch is simply a wired connection
that shorts out the electrical circuit to the ignition
system on an engine, it can be mounted wherever
is most convenient in the boat. So if you have a tiller
extension, by running a few feet of wiring, you could
mount the kill switch on your grab bar or control panel.
No need to reach all the way back to the outboard,
no need to lengthen the leash.
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