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4600 East State Road 46 in Geneva, boat ramp, fishing, access to St. Johns River.

Click Here to Download Tournament Form

A. Tournament Results: The scoring system is based on 100 point scale. 1st place (highest weight) receives 100 points, 2nd place (next highest weight ) receives 99 points 3rd place receives 98 points and so on down to the last person that weighs-in a legal fish. For all other members not weighing in fish but having participated in the tournament, they will receive 15 points less than the last person that caught fish. There wilt be a 2 point bonus for big fish. At the end of the year, the best 10 of 20 tournaments will be scored in the results (thus dropping ten tournaments from the results)

B. Tournament points are based on the boat, if you fish a tournament with another partner that is also in the points it needs to be stated before the tournament where the points are going. There will be no sharing points or both boats get the points from the same tournament.

C. Tournaments will start on April 6, 2010 and run through August 17, 2010. Every Tuesday at 5:15 till safe daylight return (which will be called out at each Tournament).

D. Tournament fees will be $25.00 per boat ($4 00 to big bass / $3.00 to end of year classic / $18.00 to tournament pot).

E. This tournament is fished on a 5 fish limit.

F State rules apply (14" fish golden rule will be used).

G. No pre-fishing the day of Tournaments.

H End of the year, there will be a classic, top 10 teams will qualify. It will be voted on when and where to fish it. All money collected from tournaments will go to the classic winner

I. 4 once penalty for dead fish.

J. All fishing must be done from a boat. Each boat can consist of no more than 2 people.

K. Each person is responsible for seeing all rule of safety and sportsmanship are followed even if the boat does not belong to them.

L. All live wells will be checked before start of tournament

M. Each team member must have a valid Florida fishing license.

N Winners are determined by overall weight. Ties will split money evenly between teams for each place.

0. Tournaments will payback one place for every 5 entry’s (1-5 one place, 5-10 2 places, 11-15 3 places)(this is subject to change if voted on by everyone).

P. For more information call Rick Ledford 321-863-2383, Jon Quinn 321-863-2733, Zane Taylor 321-431-9015
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