kiwi grip

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by riptide, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. riptide

    riptide Riptide Boat Works N.C.

    anybody used this product themselves
    i am farmiliar with other kinds of nonskid application , gel , awlgrip, ect, just have never heard of it or seen it .
    This is what the owner wants me to use so, just looking for someones stamp of approval thanks
  2. Gator_Bob

    Gator_Bob Well-Known Member

    It looks like a good product. I have added sand on the paint when the paint is still tackie. I repaint over the sand with a final coat it does well for little or no cost. I use a jar and drill 1/16 holes through the lid (4 req'd), filled with sand a shake over the still wet paint. It takes practice to get the right pattern.

  3. Gramps

    Gramps Living & Dying in 3/4 Time

    Kiwi Grip is a really cool product! It's goopy with a paste like consistency that provides great non-skid. It's available in five colors, uses a proprietary roller pad, and covers 80 sf/gallon. Take a look at the videos on YouTube, they give a good idea of how it looks and how to apply.

    Kiwi Grip is used on large yachts with a painted finish which says a lot about the quality to me! It's even used by a few boat manufacturers in the mold to created the molded non-skid.

    I'm not affiliated with Kiwi Grip but do like the product.
  4. riptide

    riptide Riptide Boat Works N.C.

    sweet im gonna give it a try and post my results
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