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Id like to keep as a lot if possible right now - $1200 in Vero Beach

Trident 3 wide flat with tackle tray/rigging station/cupholder

Red SFE Kite with additional spars

Custom Kite rod - brushed aluminum pac bay butt / aftco ball bearing swivel tip and Winn Natural Grips

(3) Shimano Tallus Blue water 7ft Medium action rods 20-40lb class (rating is higher)

(3) Andros 5s single speed reels

All reels are spooled with fresh line and will include ceramic rings, floats ect..

Used 3x times. Plan on keeping the electric reel but would sell with that as well for the right offer.
Bicycle handlebar Fishing reel Bicycle accessory
Latch Lock Cylinder Hardware accessory
Fishing rod
Burin Wood
Tire Rim Metal
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