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    on saturday we fished the s.k.a kingfish  tournament on my buddies bluewater boat  the bite was slow in the morning the water was was a little rough then in the afternoon we were catching fish left and right most were caught on the kite then all of a sudden a big kingfish skyrocketed a big blue runner we cleared all the rods and chased down the fish 20 minutes later we gaffed  a monster. the fish weighed 48.48lbs i will post some pics after i figure out how help me joe.w we won $10,000 this was a one day tournament the next one we will enter is boaters world tournament of champions winner will get a 21 foot contender boat motor and trailer
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    Congrats! Sounds like that should cover gas ;D

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    I will help you. Email me the photos. I will post them using I might have to "treat" them first---a little Photoshop action for Dave and the winning King Fish :eek: