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Killing Snakeheads in the Gheenoe on VERSUS

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"No Offense" on VERSUS T.V. The fishing show I did with Charlie Moore the "Mad Fisherman" will air this friday night at 9:30 eastern standard time, 8:30 central standard time. It is on VERSUS T.V. It should be pretty cool. I know the filming of it was a blast. If you have not seen one of his shows before he is wild and loud and extremely funny. This show will be Charlie and I killing the evasive Snakeheads in Ft. Lauderdale and a peak into my world in the everglades. It will aire multiple times over the following week. If you get a chance, check it out.

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i will look far better on the show than you me.
i will look far better on the show than you me.
:p ::) ;D ;D
I got my popcorn and drink. I'm ready for a great show!
That was a lot better show than the last one in my opinion. Thanks for the heads up! I enjoyed it. Nice looking Gheenoe too!

Nice shorts Shane [smiley=hateputer.gif]
And pink shirt ;D ;D ;D ;D
The guy in the Pink was not me, although i have a nice assortment of pinnk in the closet.
I dont get Columbia shorts....
Now these are nice
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Wish I had cable!! I hope I can catch the rerun on the internet sometime!! I bet it was great.
That was a heck of a crew at the fish fry. ;D I let out a chuckle at 'the dance'.
looks like you guys had a lot of fun doing the show nice work [smiley=1-thumbsup3.gif]
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Is there a site on the internet for the show? I don't have Versus :-[
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