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Keys Budget Food - Help

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Looking for everyone’s favorite easy meals while fishing and camping to maximize time poling/casting. Also, cheapest spots in the Keys for quick grab deli sandos, breakfast tacos, anything low budget..

Spending 6 weeks camping / Airbnb and fly fishing all over upper and middle keys from my 16’ action craft.

Cold pizza and beer is my go-to for a day or two, but we’ll need some variety past that.

Non perishables, purchased-cooked (like Publix fried chicken), cooking in bulk for easy leftovers, or utilizing free mango snappers are all priorities.

What is your go-to on a budget?
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I like making hobo packs with tinfoil. Can make it before you go then throw it on a grill for 30 min when you get where your going.
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What about an alcohol stove? They don't burn a long time but they get hot quick and are light/portable.

1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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