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Keys Budget Food - Help

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Looking for everyone’s favorite easy meals while fishing and camping to maximize time poling/casting. Also, cheapest spots in the Keys for quick grab deli sandos, breakfast tacos, anything low budget..

Spending 6 weeks camping / Airbnb and fly fishing all over upper and middle keys from my 16’ action craft.

Cold pizza and beer is my go-to for a day or two, but we’ll need some variety past that.

Non perishables, purchased-cooked (like Publix fried chicken), cooking in bulk for easy leftovers, or utilizing free mango snappers are all priorities.

What is your go-to on a budget?
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I bought a small, portable gas grill when I was working and camping for an entire summer. You know the type, they pack up about 18" long, propane cylinder fits inside with the turner and tongs. I cooked supper on it every night. Steaks, chicken, burgers, fish, brats. It was way better than restaurant food, and way more relaxing!
@Fisher69 The biggest problem with the canister stoves is that they are really a "one trick pony". They boil water quicker than anything else, but they struggle simmering. My old JetBoil would also burn pretty much anything but water, since the flame is concentrated in the center of the pot. I am sure that made it boil water much quicker, but it also burned any food to the pan, making cleanup of the pot tough. At least they used to, I still have an old JetBoil stove with my backpacking gear, but I settled on a Whisperlite, which is a white gas stove. It simmers much better, and I can just refill the tank instead of throwing away a butane canister. That means I can easily top off the fuel tank before a trip, too, so I do not have to carry a partial canister. Maybe the canister stoves have changed since I backpacked regularly, but I doubt they have changed much.
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