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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by permitchaser, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. permitchaser

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    We were coming in from a cold day on the river and wanted to get in. As we approached the ramp we could see a kayak and its owner standing talking to another. As we pulled up to the ramp, he had both lanes blocked, so as we pulled closer he finally looked up and asked if he needed to move it ( we were trying to find a spot to put the boat so one of us could get the trailer no docks just a cement ramp and the rocks)

    He finally moved his kayak over so we could beach the boat on the ramp. As my buddy went to get his truck kayak boy put his station wagon slap in tha middle of the ramp. My buddy was waiting with the trailer backed up at the top of the ramp

    With my buddy waiting and his diesel engine running kayak boy proceeded to take as much time as he could including taking a spinning rod down including the reel off and slowly putting it in a rod tube. After what seem like 30 minutes he picked up the little kayak up with one hand and put it on top of the car and slowly strapped it down

    My question is couldn't he have carried that yak up the short ramp without blocking the two lane ramp :-/
  2. fishicaltherapist

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    He must be one of the WIT triplets, Dim, Nit, 1/2. All brothers, from different mothers. Some IDIOTS just don't get IT!! [smiley=1-doh.gif]

  3. Keyper

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    He's just part of the "me" generation. It's all about him and he has no consideration for others.

    He has relatives that wait to load their skiffs after they are in the water instead of in the staging areas at the launch.
  4. RonBari

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    If you don't mind.. where did this happen?
  5. anytide

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    back over his azz.... ;)
    kayaks make a wonderful crunching sound under the wheelz.
  6. topnative2

    topnative2 Well-Known Member

    The medical definition is the lonely planet syndrome. Also applies on the highway.
  7. noeettica

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    I can not express my Hatred for the self absorbed pieces of Excrement !!! :mad:

    And wish i could use proper adult expletives here !!!

    i felt like taking a baseball bat to a Mirage drive one of these twits took almost 45 minutes to insert into his precious NOT sliver of S*&T !!!

    We all have to VOW to NEVER TOW one of these clowns in !!! NEVER ! LET 'Em F'in sink !!!

  8. permitchaser

    permitchaser I Love Skinny Water

    I think he was mad at us for making him move his platlstic toy. Had we not nosed the boat up to ramp we'd still be sitting out in the river waiting for him to move. :mad:
  9. TwoKids

    TwoKids Well-Known Member

    I've seen those folks before.  Are these the ones? All fishing the same school. Stealthy.

  10. Edfish

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    Probably.  I think there are a lot of times on the water when someone could have shown greater consideration for another's needs, particularly given their own actual requirements for space/draft/time, etc.  Personally, I have not judged the probability of (perceived) inconsiderate actions very much related to vessel type. Severity of consequences resulting from said inconsiderate actions, that I could see being related to vessel type. 

    Anyway these threads come up a bit and it seems like the consensus useful advice is "You could kindly ask/explain how someone's inconsiderate actions is inconveniencing you".  I know when I started boating I did and said some things out of ignorance that cause me to wince now, which makes me wonder what I'm doing now that will cause the same reaction a couple years down the road. 

    At the end of the day, sounds like everyone made it home safe, and a bit of cathartic online release is hopefully better than getting in a yelling match at the ramp.   
  11. anytide

    anytide Administrator Staff Member

    unless its on a trailer it shoud be carried out/ away from the ramp....

  12. permitchaser

    permitchaser I Love Skinny Water

    I was sitting on the bow of our boat to keep it from floating away. I asked kayak boy if he needed help putting in on his car. I was not condisending. After he took forever to get out of the way. My buddy backed down the trailer loaded the boat, ran the gas out of his engine then I pulled it to the parking lot 5 minutes at most. Then we unloaded the rods and tackle. NOT ON The Ramp ;)
  13. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    Next time get photos of said Yakkers ...

    Especially their "Girlfriends"
  14. JaredFacemyer

    JaredFacemyer Well-Known Member

    In my experience it has nothing to do with kayakers or types of boats. I've been help up at the ramp by kayaks, commercial guys, and recreational fisherman like myself. There's those people of every kind at the ramp who have no consideration for any other boaters. Can't tell you how many people I've come across at the ramp who I've put the truck in and pulled the boat out before they even pull out of the water bc their too busy putting rods and tackle up while back in the ramp
  15. permitchaser

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    If it was warmer I would have had my phone out to snap a shot. But it was 31 degrees in the morning and my phone was under 4 layers. Sorry
  16. oysterbreath

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    Ahhh man, don't throw all yakers under the "bridge!" I yak a lot. Like someone else noted, jerks come along on all types of vehicles. The thing I love the MOST about yaks....Is that I can AVOID the ramp all together! I don't know WHY some yak-folk choose to launch from a ramp when better alternatives are near by. Some folk, no matter what watercraft they own are gonna be jerks!
  17. Otterdog

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    There use to be something most people prided them selves on, "good manners." These are traits most often handed down from mother and father down to daughters and sons.
    What everyone is talking about is nothing less than manners or on the boat ramp would be called, "boat ramp etiquette." I don't have the answer, but overwhelming with kindness to even the most obnoxious jackass might help educate a few. As someone said, it's not limited to yakers. Most of us can remember our parents teaching us how to launch ready the craft before you even got a wheel wet.
  18. Tommysmicroskiff

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    Funny thing I notice with the Azz clown Kayakers is they show up with a $75K vehicle a $6K Yakk wearing 2K worth of "Adventure Garb"

    Block the ramp and Bitch about a $2 fee to use the ramp :eek:

    I kid you not ...
  19. el9surf

    el9surf Well-Known Member

    I think in a lot of situations it is nothing more than ignorance. Some people knowingly act like a holes, but I think the majority of these people just don't know any different, especially the yak crowd. Boat ramps are the one place where people's lack of knowledge is on full display.
  20. Ischurman

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    There are just as many idiot Aholes in kayaks as there is in 20' Center consoles and the same goes for micro skiffs too