SOLD/EXPIRED Kayak Rental & Tour Business Opportunity (Fort Myers/Pine Island)

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    This is Bob from Bob’s Island Adventures and I am looking for a kayak enthusiast in the Pine Island/Fort Myers area that would like a unique opportunity to run a kayak rental and kayak tour business earning a good percentage of profit. I have the entire operation already set up and are currently renting kayaks and doing tours. I have all brand new Ocean Kayaks and 2 prime marina locations. I am looking for someone that may be out of work that would like to dedicate time promoting this division of our operation. I am looking for someone with people skills, the love of the outdoors and most importantly must be internet savvy. We market heavily online and would expect this person to post to forums, classified, facebook and other online venues. I will provide all  advertising,  capital for future expansion and guidance to make sure this division grows properly. No investment but your time and skills. A background check will be required. Please feel free to check out our webite for more information about our operation

    Please feel free to ask any questions on the forum as I will try and answer them as fast a possible. Please note: This is an opportunity for only the Kayak Division of our operation. Thank you for your time.

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    Man I wish I could quit my job and come down there! I am on Ocean Kayaks Pro staff and woudl love to make a living at this. Now I am only a part time guide here in Georgia. :'( Next time I am down there I will look your place up. I love fishing down there.
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    What a cool opportunity!
    I drive by there every weekend on my way to go fishing.
    Hope to check it out.