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O.K. Not sure if I will get in trouble because this is a Kayak/Boat. I gues. Note not sure myself. I keeping one foe myself have two that need to go. If this is not O.K. to post please contact me [email protected]

It was a birthday present, but have a boat now. I have 2 of these ready to go. The asking price is $2400-2200 Shipping included.

This price is very very low check the links below:

To buy contact me at [email protected]
Hawaii GT :
US$ 2500
Dimension : 115" x 28.5"
Weight : 139 lbs
Maz speed : 25 mph
Engine type : 9.5hp, 4 stroke, electric start engine with close loop water coooling system

Hawaii Gt rides like no other with its centrally located joystick.exchilarating fun for a day on the water. Surfango features,On board digital Display,RPM,Gas Gauge,Battery meter,Coolant tank. max speed 41kms load of fun for summer.
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