SOLD/EXPIRED Kayak for sale

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    I need to make and sell a few of these to fund the building of my microskiff molds. They are 12' long, 31" wide and the cockpit is 21" x 57". These are very stable and fast for a 12' boat and have lots of room in the cockpit for your tackle and a bait bucket. Hand laid fiberglass. Weight is around 50-55 lbs.

    Asking $400 each. Can be made in any color you want but they only deliver the gel coat once a week so it could delay production by a few days. These are very strong well built boats but don't have a show finish. A lot of boat for the money.

    Free test paddels in whatever I have on hand at the time (I always have at least mine here). I will meet you at an area lake or the St. Johns river to try a boat and see how you like them.  Located in DeLand FL.