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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Brett, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Brett

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    Valentines Day is the 14th
    It's getting difficult to surprise my wife after 30 years together.

    I grew up up in South Dade, and since 1955
    Frankies Pizza was the place to get the best slice.
    Back when the wife was still just my girlfriend,
    we went every Saturday night to get 8 slices to go.
    The 9th slice was cut in two and placed atop the box,
    so you didn't have to open the box for a taste on the ride home.
    Turns out they deliver nation wide.

    Now to figure out something for next year... ;)

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  3. cal1320

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    Kind of late, but if you can round up some old family photos they can be put onto a calender for her. Pics of the kids when they were small, wedding photos, pics of her parents, etc.
    You can match the pics up to the month also (wedding photo in your anniversary month).
    Office Depot/Max, Walgreens etc.
  4. Weedy

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    Used to do this for Christmas gifts for the family! Gets alot of memories and laughs!!!
  5. TomFL

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    Brett, excellent gift!

    We're staying home and yours truly will be whipping up some seafood fradiavlo.

    Seems some of the best gifts are gifts for the taste buds!

  6. mark_gardner

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    i am no good at this romance stuff :-[ which is why i'm still single so if you know of a good woman who can cook ,clean, and has a decent microskiff have her pm me a pic of the skiff and we'll go from there ;) :cool: