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If it ain't broke tweak it a little....
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I have a 1984 Johnson 15 I just revived after sitting for 5 years. I have read the SSCHAPTERPSA articles and had a few questions for the experts. I have rebuilt the carb, water pump and fuel pump. New plugs and all new fuel lines. Engine starts on 2-3 pulls but turns over a little slow on the electric starter.
1) How far should engine move from front to back? Mine is moving almost 2 inches. Are the upper thrust mounts shot?
2) Will engine performance improve after running in the water compared to running on the hose? Should I limit RPM's until I have an hour or two on it or should I run it like I stole it.
3) Last question, Have any of you ever seen the plastic intake fitting or black top of the fuel pump with a pinhole in it. Mine is leaking from around the inlet tube when I pump the fuel bulb. I took the cable tie off and put a hose clamp on but it appears fuel is coming out from around this area. I took the fuel line off the carb and fuel pumps through when bulb is pumped.

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turns over a little slow on the electric starter.
Look for corrosion or a loose connection.
Sounds like it's not getting full current.
Check bolts from starter to block also.

2 inches is too much play, grab a flashlight and start looking for the gaps.

After sitting for five years, recommend following break-in procedures again.
25:1 fuel to oil mix and low to half throttle for first hour.
Then another hour at no more than 3/4 throttle.
Then the following 3 hours full throttle for no more than a minute at a time.

Fuel should not leak from anywhere. Fire hazard.
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