Jeff Sessions....Anyone?

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    Why does it matter? I don't understand what point you're trying to make. You're drawing a parallel between use and intoxication and it doesn't jive. The reason behind someone wanting to use a drug recreationally is irrelevant.

    You want me to give you something you can use to defend your position but you're asking an impossible question.

    You don't know anything about me. This is the equivalent of me assuming you're fat and gross.
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    I think I do. You enjoy lighting up and that is fine by me as I could care less.

    From your posts on this thread you have vehemently sounded off about recreational use but can't answer the earlier question I asked about why someone deems it necessary to purposely break the law other than to get high. But yet you defend the laws on the books and look the other way.

    It's not irrelevant. It is an honest question. Let me try to rephrase it. What personal satisfaction does one get from smoking pot a few times a day if they are not getting high? Is the high a feeling of euphoria from the weed itself or from feeling like you got away with breaking the law? It really is not an impossible question.

    Listen, I only gave my perspective of where the thread turned. I do not feel that weed is any more harmful than other legal or illegal devices and certainly less harmful than many prescription drugs. My point was that it is still illegal under federal law and as you pointed out Sessions reiterated that point with his comment.

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    My vote is legalize marajuana at the federal level(tax and quality control) and increase prescription restrictions on opioids. (put some MD's in jail)
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    Sorry man, I just think your question is really stupid. I don't know how else to articulate it. If you want to follow every law to the letter, that's your prerogative. I'd rather not sit around and wait for someone to tell me I can do something.

    Sure. Everyone does weed because it's fun to break the law. Nail on head. You got it figured out. Nobody really cared about personal freedoms in the late 20's early 30's either. Speak easy's existed because it was fun to break the law, not because the law was unjust.
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    This thread had begun to degenerate into name calling and sarcasm, which is actually pretty typical of any thread that goes 5 pages here. Too bad, because how our society deals with drugs is a very important question. It's important, not for moralistic reasons, but because how we deal with drugs is critical to our future productivity and competitiveness. It impacts the kind of life we and our children and children's children will live in the future. Don't believe me? Check this:
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