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    I know there are some who would argue which was better... I not here to do that... Wife and I were taling about how much we missed our old jeep. It was a Wrangler and we use to have a blast with it. We are looking into maybe picking up another one. Looking for a cheep, not overly modded solid Jeep.

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    I have looonnnnggggg been a Jeep fan....and owned several. Including a CJ, a Wrangler, and a Cherokee, and I mod-ed all of them.

    It really depends on what you want to use it long the trips you are planning in it...and how mechanically inclined you are.

    My first thought, is if you are a pretty handy mechanic...The CJ....just well built machines. BUT, if you are planning on taking trips in it...the is a more comfortable ride, and most anything after 88 I believe, was fuel injection. So it will be a little more reliable, however maintenance costs go up a little.

    I will say this...there are several great AEM catalogs out there, and you can find just about anything you want or need for either.

    If it were me, I would look at the roll cage too. Granted, its not going to do much in case of a roll over, but should be taken into consideration. If I am not mistaken, you do have a kid. In 1992, they introduced the "square" roll cage to allow for shoulder belts for the back seat. Also, should a jeep roll, the older roll cages, didn't have that protection for the rear occupants.

    Just my $.02.

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    97 and newer TJ (wrangler body, round headlights). CJ and YJ Jeeps have leaf springs. The TJ has coil springs. The TJ is actually a more capable jeep especially if modified but its also a fairly comfortable ride stock. The only issue I have with the TJ is the lack of space. If you want space get a CJ or even CJ8 Scrambler. Plus all the CJ Jeeps retain their value as collector items.

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    MY old one was a TJ... got picture somewhere...

    It was a fun little vehc. Not looking for rad mods. Just something for the fam to have a weekend out on.

    Yes I have a son, yes I want seat-belts, yes he would ALWAYS be waring one.

    I'm milling around the classifieds looking for something... nothing has yet to catch my fancy.

    EDIT: FOUND IT!!! You'll notice two things, first in the picture I had hair on my head... where the heck did it go in 5 years and second, I got mad crazy sub box building skilz.. ;D

    My Old 97 TJ
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    I need to look around for a pic of my '74
    FJ40 Landcruiser (in '74 by the way... ;) )
    Now THAT was a "jeep" ! ;D
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    jan ill sell toms cj to you cheap!