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Jackplate switch

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So I think my Jackplate switch may be going out but I was wondering if anyone has ever used the 2nd slot on the co trip box throttle for a Jackplate switch? Could you just buy a switch for trim and wire it to the Jackplate relays or is it more complicated than that?
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It’s been done before.

A pair of thumb buttons in the binnacle handle is cool looking, but makes it harder to operate both systems accurately under game time conditions.

Not sure what you have, but my opinion is a blinker switch on the left side of the steering wheel is best for a jack plate.

Second best is mounting waterproof push buttons on the shaft of the binnacle.
Totally agree here - it’s too close to the trim and could be counter intuitive. One thumb, two different directions. But, it can be done. If the switches were on opposing sides (trim facing port, but the jack plate on the starboard side of the handle, you could use thumb and index finger at the same time with opposing directions.

Wait, I just designed a new product…..
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