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Looking to put the cart before the horse here.  I just picked up a 1980 2 cylinder Johnson 35 long shaft motor for a couple hundred bucks.  I'll be darned if it didn't fire right up.  It did not come with a prop and I'm just starting rebuild the boat it will go on so I don't have a weight yet.  The boat will be a 14' Osborn (like an Ashcraft or boggy creek V14).  I will now start keeping an eye out for props and need to have a clue what to look for.  I know I'm looking for a14 spline through exhaust but that is about it.  What diameter and pitch ranges am I looking at?  To give an example of what my priorities are, arbitrarily if torque to top speed is given as 1-5 I'm looking in the 4 range.  I prefer SS but anything will do to start with since the material makes a difference.


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