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  1. SouthwestFL

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    Ok, the front deck on my skiff cracked a while ago. I have been getting by until recently when the deck cracked further and needed to be taken off. The wood was nasty and wet. After a lot of checking this site out and speaking to others, I decided it would be a good idea to build my own custom deck. Well, I suck at fiberglass work! For many reason, but the reason I am here is because I am looking for any other idea(s) on where I can get a front deck. At this point, I wouldn't mind just putting a stock on it but the prices are rather high ... Any ideas or advise??? Thanks

  2. Brett

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    I see three options
    Buy a new deck from Carolina Skiff.
    Build your own from plywood, fiberglass and epoxy.
    Repair the one you have. It's not difficult.
  3. SouthwestFL

    SouthwestFL CS J16 w/ 25 FS

    Well, I've build on from marine ply, glass and epoxy, but it looks like hell. The glass gelled too quick for me most of the time and the one I took off... well it may not look like it from the pics, but almost all the wood was soft and wet. So I guess i'll have to spend an outrageous amount from a Carolina Skiff dealer. :-[
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    Take measurements of where the wood is now, grind out the old stuff, slap in some new wood, bed in an epoxy putty, lay new glass & resin over it. Clean it up, paint it maybe and put it back on the boat. Should cost less than $100.
  5. Brett

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    The reason it cracked was the unsupported span length.
    Run a leg down to the sole to carry the load and prevent future problems.
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    there is a guy on tampa craigslist that has brand new carolina front decks on close out you might want to check it out -tampa.craigslist.org/psc/boa/1890803186.html
  7. Cody_Music

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    I have a buddy that is a CS dealer. The front decks start around $200. So if you tried to build one and was unsucessful, save money and just buy a new one!
  8. richg99

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    You might try going to the Carolina skiff owner website. Someone might have one sitting in the corner of their garage and be glad to get rid of it.

    I had a rear deck that took up space for a year before someone put up an adv. looking for one. Also, try to adv. on Craigslist (want to buy). You'd be surprised how much "stuff" is out there. Rich