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  1. last_flat

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    Considering what the HB's are going for, is this a good deal?
  2. TailN

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    Ok, I know I'm gonna get kicked in the teeth for this one, but my humble opinion. I've been on one of these a few times. Same setup.

    Yellow fin makes a great offshore boat. They have phenomenal customer service and top notch peoe making the products, and this skiff is made extremely well. It is stable, and relatively dry, and poles shallow enough. BUT!!!! It's not a Hells Bay. It's nice but if I were gonna drop 30K, I'd get a HB. That YF doesn't do anything a B2 or even a Caimen wont. But if you have the coin, and it fits your style, it certainly will do the job. If you want to pay HB prices just buy the HB.

    Ok, commence the kicking!!!! Hahahaha

  3. pt448

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    That's an extremely decked out skiff from a company with a long term solid reputation for quality. Of course I'd always try to haggle a little, but if it fits your needs and budget it seems pretty fair to me. Those skiffs are very expensive new, but being a TV show boat from a sponsor they didn't pay that retail price. There was one with just standard options that was won at an IFA tournament for sale on Louisiana Sportsman not that long ago. They were asking in the neighborhood of 45K and it sold pretty quick.
  4. Capt. Eli Whidden

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    A nice boat for sure. Only downfall is going to be draft.
  5. roto77777

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    I test drove one the first year they made them. Livewell was great storage was great, finish was nice boat was beautiful, except it was WET!!!!!!
    Granted, it did not have spray rails. That was my only issue.
    It poled VERY shallow, and very easy