Is North Korea hurting this trolling motor business?

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by yobata, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. yobata

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    I realize that there isn't many options in the Trolling Motor game, but there is a company called Haswing (China) that is making some. How much do you think their business has suffered because North Korea's ICBMs are similarly named Hwasing-14 and 15? or am I being too much of a language amateur?

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    Despite all the back and forth in that area - folks in China -and every country nearby that allows free (or even slightly free) enterprise are busy every day trying to make a living... If a volcano suddenly went ballistic in their neighborhood - they'd find a way to keep working... No, they don't give a moment's thought to the welfare of their workers - just how best to wring profits out of whatever they're doing... and that's in the "good places"....

    North Korea, on the other hand, has all of it's people in bondage (or worse if there is such a thing...). Everyone there not only does what they're told but have to act happy about it or end up with a bullet or get to spend the rest of their short lives in a concentration/labor camp... Wish I were kidding about this... Folks over here have no idea how lucky they are to live where we do...

    I was an Army brat. By the time I was 12 years old I'd lived in five different countries... so I have a better idea than most of just how differently workers in other places fare, day to day. When I got out of the service and came to Florida all those years ago - I came directly from a very bad place (1971, with the 101st Abn...) directly to Miami and immediately enrolled in school to get on with my life. If you handed me first class tickets and all expenses to return to S.E. Asia - I'd just give them away... Never want to go back there again, period.

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    I doubt it matters much at all. They could very well hold contracts to make stuff we know. If it is relabeled, we'd never know unless we did our homework. Even then, most of us struggle to communicate in written English and skim over anything that is foreign.

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    From what I've heard those Haswing motors suck and parts are really not available for them when they break. They will ALL break regardless of the brand so that's an important caveat to me.
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    Mines going on strong at 1 1/2 years. Or to say that’s a long term durability test but this one has been solid and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it based on my personal experience.
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    A growing percentage of products marked made in China are actually assembled in North Korea. Captive labor pool, a tenth of the labor costs and a cozy agreement between the 2 governments to ignore international agreements regarding origin labeling. Te bulk of this illicit trade has been in the low tech textile industries for the last 10 years as Chinese labor rates have risen, but the last 2 years in particular have seen a rise of electronics sub assembly occurring in NK. So yes Yobata, the situation in NK might be affecting sales of China made trollers. Just not in the way you thought.
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  7. LowHydrogen

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    Anything bad for China exports is good in my opinion, the bar is set so low with regard to quality, it's unbelievable. Working in the oil and gas industry, you should see some of the material issues we've dealt with from China sourced metals(and prob NK slave labor by proxy). Luckily our industry and country as a whole has regulation, vast experience, and established systems in place for material and component testing.

    China is partly to blame for their complicit stance on a country as vile as NK. The human rights violations are off the charts. I truly feel for those people, they convict entire families to hard labor on made up charges; starvation, beating, and raping of prisoners is the SOP. IMO nothing bad enough can happen to the leaders and supporters of the regime there. 9 years of the Neville Chamberlain approach has put us and the world into a much more difficult position.
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