Irma/ Harvey roll call

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  1. flysalt060

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    Glad you folks in Irma came thru. Like permitchaser said, nothing but wind yesterday and rain till late this evening in ga. Athens downtown a wreck with wind and old oaks. Family in thomasville ok. Cuzzies, friends and family from jax to Beaufort got some water. Friend in upstate sc got wind damage.
  2. Blue Zone

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    Sarasota lucked out with the last minute zag inland. We are at the moment in our 53rd hour without power. Lost some trees, 2 little boats ok, waiting for news on the big boat in Lauderdale.
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  3. Backcountry 16

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    I am sleep deprived and started one in the misc section don't ask I am an idiot. Lee county close to Collier and Hendry county. Both pole barns destroyed trees down no flooding to house but dirt road almost impassable water comes over hood full size tundra. Trees on my electric service bent mast cleared trees off it today. Part of my roof from pole barn on neighbors electric service wire trees on power lines on my dirt road poles snapped on the main dirt road. Was told could be two weeks without power. Rural lee county check in family and house safe that's all that matters.
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    My mom lives close to Thomasville in Coolidge she lost one pecan tree
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    Dodged the bullet as well in Tallahassee. Late forecast for the eye to go over us with 100 mile winds. Zagged east instead and we only got 65-70. Plenty without power still, including folks in next-door Jefferson County. Not nearly as bad as last year's Hermine for us. Zika is safe and secure in her skiff shed.

    My thoughts and prayers for all more severely impacted. Hoping for a speedy recovery and the chance for all to get back on the water soon!
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    St Petersburg area......much better than we were expected with the forecasted track they had out Sunday morning. Didn't lose power at our house in St Pete (although majority of Pinellas County was still without power last night). My parents house up in the East Lake area lost power just before 11:00pm Sunday and its still out. Was expecting much worse, so we have no complaints especially seeing as we have electric and only lost our cable/wifi.
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    Left SLOcala yesterday for our home in Ft Liquodale. Turnpike wasn't that bad but we left early. Saw it was a madhouse later in the day. No power and a tree on our roof. Damage looks to be mostly exterior. We're going to remove the tree today and get a better look. Generator running and we are huddled in the Bach room that has a window shaker and fan.

    Capt Jan
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  8. DBStoots

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    Lot of trees down in the Plantation area (Broward County), but thankfully none on the house. Many stop lights are out. Power is out in many areas, but we only lost power for about 20 hours. We dodged a bullet for sure.
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    Luckily here in Palmetto FL area, we were just west of the eye. Sunday night we lost power and water early and had a constant 60-70mph sustained winds with gust up to 80mph. Really rattled the sliding glass doors and my redneck hurricane shutters. Next day, lost some trees on the fence and road, but we were all good. Got power restored Monday evening thankfully and all is back to normal. Here on Weds morning, it is eerily calm.

    My family in Southwest Florida survived as well. Us Haas' are known to ride em all out. My sis and her husband rode out Andrew in Homestead and this one from Cape Coral was no different, as far as staying put. Brother east of Fort Myers rode out the entire east wall of the Eye in 100mph winds sustained for an hour. He lost his 4 plane steel airplane hanger building and his pole barn and had some siding ripped off his well built house. They still don't have power.

    Folks, A good portion of SW FL is still without power and word has it that it will not be restored from 2 weeks from now till the end of the month. In many places, that means no running water or sewage, not refrigeration for food or ice availability, etc. They will need help down there. Try to find out the local supply line for food and water and help those organizations out with donations.
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    In Chuluota / East Orlando. Neighborhood took a beating, lots of big trees down, big plywood size areas of shingles missing from neighbors houses, mine got lucky. I lost 2 trees, have a couple small roof leaks, crack in porch celing and a torn pool screen. Skiff was put away in the garage safely. Just got power back, roughly 55 hours without. Thankful to have a generator to power the fridge and some fans. We were having tornado warnings popping up every couple minutes as the bands were rolling in off the Atlantic moving West.
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    I am on Marco. Went off Island to get away from storm surge. Most of the island is in bad shape. I have roof and lanai damage and most of my trees are gone or down. I left my skiff in my garage and it is OK. Storm surge got to the garage door but not in. Spent the last couple of days getting things cleaned up. Power came back early this morning and we threw everything out that we had. To see this place is really surreal, but thankfully we are OK.
  12. Backcountry 16

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    National guard is giving out mre and water at Goodwill in Lehigh. Was told could be without electricity for a month because power lines are snapped and transformers on the ground swfl is hell on Earth right now.
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  14. permitchaser

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    Met a woman and her daughter in a Dollar General today. Her family had evacuated from Bonita Springs and was looking for gas cans. All they had where 2 gal as they where concerned about the availability of gas on their way South. Apparently there are no 5 gal cans in Atlanta
  15. Backcountry 16

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    Glad I stayed and rode out the storm couldn't imagine trying to get back
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    I'm I Naples also. No power yet but hopefully we are close. Our major roads are getting their lights back fairly quickly considering the circumstances. We still aren't at 100% at the jail yet, still running partly on generator.

    My house is ok, boat is safe in its normal sleeping spot in the garage. Truck got dented from debris (I'm not so sure the debris wasn't the tonneau cover that ripped off the truck), my street is flooded pretty well. My wife and 2 month old daughter are safe. Everything else is irrelevant to me right now because material things are replaceable. I have some videos ill update the post with later.

    Now that the storm has passed and my family is safe and the house isn't messed up I can look forward to using some of this OT pay for boat things :)

  17. yobata

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    Just got power back last night, house got flooded, water level outside the house = 28", inside 11" before it receded.

    ServPro at my house now. We will be out for 6-8 weeks while they gut 4' from the floor of the drywall, insulation, lower cabinets, built-in bookshelves and storage areas. They dry the studs, sand them, treat with anti-microbial solution, then paint them to seal anything else inside. Then it's up to me to find a contractor for the re-build.

    Lost some power tools in garage, the fridge, beer keezer, a whole bedroom and living room full of furniture to the water. Our water came from a creek behind my home so the possibility of pesticides, fertilizers and animal feces means you can't just dry things out and keep going.

    But everyone is safe, so f* it! We are staying well lubed in libations for now... also, we had flood insurance so that helps a lot!!

    Skiff stayed safe! I put the plug in before the storm so she floated in the garage (garage is sunk down, ~ 20" water in there)
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    Chokoloskee area. Sent the wife and kid north and rode the storm out at the fire station. House held up fine just lost all of my avocado trees. Boat road it out in my brothers garage in Everglades ended up with 4' of water in the garage luckily I tied it off good and put the plugs in. Still without power and looking like another couple weeks from what they're telling us. Fire station had about 4' of water in it so it's a loss.

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    Glad the heron made it. And of course you and the family some of your brethren from Immokalee were coming down our dirt / water road today giving out mres and water thanks to all the first responder helping right now who probably have damage themselves and out doing what they do thanks from this guy.
  20. permitchaser

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    Man I am sorry for your flood but thanks for sharing what they do to bring a flooded house back. I was wondering when Houston was under water
    Glad you and your family are safe
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