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IPB 16 and tohatsu 50 tiller

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hey guys, I put an SCB3 12 pitch on the boat today and i maxed 32 mph with two in the boat and a 65qt ice chest with ice and drinks. I was maxing about 34 with a similar load on the stock 13 pitch prop. I forgot my tach but we were running 5400 or so on the stock 13 pitch prop. By switching an inch down plus the SS I'm estimating 5650 or so but i'll try to get a tach this weekend. Allowable max RPM is 5850 for this motor. Will I get more speed with this prop in 13 pitch? I have the means to switch for no cost so I can decide solely on the merits. What benefit will having the lower pitch prop afford me. What detriment (besides loss of speed)?