Interesting vessel sighting out of Marathon

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Godzuki86, Jun 18, 2014.

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    My buddy came across this on the way in from dolphin fishing last weekend. Crazy to actually see one.



    With such high sides I would have been nervous as hell pulling up to that thing.

  2. Capt. Eli Whidden

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    Doesn't look like they made it....

    You should see the one on Adams Key right now. It's been there for a month.

    God Bless Amercia!

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    Anyone brave enough to travel by sea on one of those things and actually make it, must be escaping from some serious poverty. Its a shame this kind of thing happens when you see "Americans" in everyday society have no pride what so ever for their country and believe everything should be given to them.
    That said, Looks Tippy :D
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    Yeah who knows if they made it. There still was bread and water on the boat as well as fuel. All rebar, foam, flatted 55gallon drums and self tapper screws.

    Wonder what it drafts?!

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    That craft is a real life floating example of how well dictatorship/socialism works
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    Well said cut but we are on the same headed that path unless we all wake up and start sqaukin. And we got nowhere to go.
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    This is actually pretty decent.

    My grandfather was the creator of the "Hogar de transito" nicknamed "La Casa Los Balseros" (The House of Rafters).
    Hurricane Andrew destroyed the immigration facility where they used to house the cuban immigrants, so they were left with nowhere to go. My grandparents had just moved to Key West on White Street, where my grandfather was the Baptist Pastor at White Street Church. Two weeks into their new life in the Keys, my grandmother passed away, leaving the large home all to himself. At that time there was a large influx of rafters coming to America, so my Grandfather being an exiled political prisoner from Cuba because he was a Pastor in Cuba felt that he had to give them a place to stay. He started picking them up from the Navy base and taking them to his home, until it became apparent that it was not large enough. He went out and bought a large warehouse on stock island and my father amongst other carpenters built a bunch of bunk beds with donations from the Church. I got to see plenty of rafts growing up. Heck, I was even on a float in a parade down "Calle Ocho" (SW 8 st) in Little Havana to bring awareness to the organization at the young age of about 8. The rafts they used to come on were really really bad. Granted, back then the "Brothers to the Rescue" used to flyover on their planes and spot the rafters and call them in to the Coast Guard who would then pick them up and drop them off at the Navy Base. That was before the Wet Foot Dry Foot policy that is now in place.

    What got me hooked into fishing was the trips to the Navy base to pick up bus loads of rafters. I remember my parents would go to the base as soon as we got the call that they were spotted, and we would go and fish the sea wall. We had credentials to get in, and they let us fish. I remember the first time I ever saw tarpon was on that seawall. Hundreds and hundreds of fish, jumping over each others backs, the water looked chrome. I remember telling my parents I wanted to catch one, and they told me that I did not want to catch one, as they referred to them as trash fish, as one could not eat them. I remember that day vividly, and that is what drove me to become the fisherman that I am today. The hunt for Tarpon is real.


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    Great story, E....