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What's the best way to drill a hole in my center console, without chipping the finish? Tape or drill from the inside out? Thanks for the input

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just put a piece of masking take over the area and drill at a fast speed with very light and slow pressure from the outside in (the surface the switch will be). Atleast thats what always works for me.

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some boat riggers will use a countersink bit to taper the edge of the gel coat which eliminates any spider cracking

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mark location
check back of location to verify no wires or obstructions

(you don't want to know how I learned that one   :eek: )

pilot hole using small drill bit
countersink bit to prevent chipping (front and back)
final drill with correct bit

using the countersink also creates a depression around the drillhole
which holds excess sealant and therefore creates a better seal.
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