Indian Pass area tips?

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    During my kids' spring break in a couple weeks, we're doing our usual March trip from Orlando to the panhandle. This time we're camping at Indian Pass and towing a 23' bay boat.

    I'll have kids (4 and 9), wife, my mid-70s parents, and a couple of dogs. So chances are we won't get a lot of fishing in, and if we do, it will be of a decidedly non-technical nature.

    That being said, I'd really appreciate any local intel on fishing, beaches, places to eat and drink, things to watch out for on the water, etc.

    Would love to do something a little different from the redfish-and-trout-on-the-flats game. Any good areas for the kids to pull on sheepshead? Are tripletail and/or cobia around this time of year without long runs?

    Seems like it might be fun to run over to Apalachicola by boat for lunch and a beer one day. Is that do-able in a bay boat with a chart and reasonable care? Or is it a local knowledge required kind of thing inside the islands?
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    Might be a tad early, but there may be some advance cobia cruising through. Probably too soon for tripletail. Medium action rod and Al Gag's Whip-it eel lures with a 1/2-oz. jig head. Check out all the can buoys and channel markers for lurking fish. The Dry Bar off St. Vincent will hold some sheepies. Fiddler crabs or fresh shrimp. Beautiful spots along the back of Little St. George for reds, but head to Bob Sikes Cut for big bulls on moving water. Live or cut mullet will do the trick and sheepies around the rocks there as well.

    Trailer the boat over to the St. Joe state park and launch at Eagle Harbor. Absolutely gorgeous water and reds/trout on the Keys-like flats. The sheeps will be spawning and you can sight cast for them there. Likely Spanish mackerel in the center of the bay and off the Cape.

    Easy ride over to Apalach. Scipio Creek has a nice marina and restaurant. It's not far to walk into town to check out some of the antique shops and there are a couple fly/gear shops as well. Just follow the channel markers and you'll be fine. Back of St. Vincent gets shallow and muddy but most of the bay is trouble-free.

    The Owl Cafe in Apalach is great, a little pricey. The Indian Pass Raw Bar is a local institution.

    Shoot me a PM if you have any other questions.
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    @Zika hit the high notes, if you run the inside to Apalach (behind St Vincent) watch out for bars, Pickalene bar really only has one good place to get through with a boat that size. There are big drum in the lagoon, but again the lagoon has plenty of bars. The water on the inside of that side is not very clear so poke along slow if you go up in there.
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    I agree on the St. Joe Bay recommendation. It is a great place for family boating and fishing and the Indian Pass Raw Bar is one of our favorites! Enjoy your trip
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    Best oysters this side of apalachicola
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    Cobia hitting the docks in destin. Some have been spotted between aplach and Mexico beach. Pompano showing up. Haven't heard about triple tail, but everything seems early this year , so they should to.