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    I like the redneck carp roundups they have up that way. I wonder if they actually eat them? :-?

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    They mostly grind up the fish and use for fertilizer although the popularity of eating them has seemed to have grown through the years. I think I could find something other than a carp to eat but I guess I shouldnt knock it until I try it. :p
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    catfood industry :-/ -looks like mullet surrounded by gill net :D
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    my inlaws hail from this area and two of my companies largest customers are here too.

    I've been to Tess's at least a dozen times in the last 10 years or so, probably half with family and the other half as a guest of our customers. If you like fried fish, you'll like the way they do this carp. It really is good, I was very skeptical the first time, but ordered it every time since.  :cool:
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    The funny thing is that we Americans are the weird ones. Carp are a respected gamefish in Europe and Asia. People seek them out and love to eat them. They have tournaments and creel limits and size restrictions for goodness sake! They are nuts about how they catch and release a carp even though the damn things are tougher than retread. They make a trout flyfisherman look like an industrial fish pulper.

    Over here, we think they are too nasty to eat and we would happily kill every damn one of them just to throw them in a hole. In Iraq, some Ag group was introducing aquaculture. They focused on carp and tilapia production because they are both stupid simple to grow compared to catfish or trout due to their low water quality requirements. The Iraqis told them "sure, we'll take your money and grow whatever you want us to grow, but we'll only eat the carp." I think tilapia taste just as good as any freshwater panfish, which means I think they are pretty tasty, yet a third world population that values carp thinks tilapia is nasty? Go figure.

    I filleted some out one time and had them in the freezer waiting for the nerve/inspiration to cook them. My dad gave them to my grandma in a load of fillets assuming they were all redfish. I never heard any griping about bones or fishy taste and my grandma ain't afraid of griping. My dad used to pickle them and eat them on crackers, but that doesn't mean much because my dad will eat anything a cracker if no cooking is involved.

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    I cannot fathom how that river can provide enough food/nutrients to support that quantity of fish. Why dont the just gillnet the hell out of the river and killem and grind em up?
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    That's the most entertaining post I've read in a while- congrats! ;D
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    Far to funny! Thanks for sharing :)