SOLD/EXPIRED In search of rims and manual hubs: 95 ford ranger

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    Looking for a manual set of hubs. Or suggestions on good ones to buy. Also looking for rims and or tires. Want a spare set to put some mud tires on. Don't really have to much for tires so unless they are cheap with tires probably could only afford the rims at this point. The lug pattern is 5-4.5. Don't care what kind of rims as long as they aren't cracked or have serious damage. Located in melbourne/west melbourne. Willing to travel a little ways. Also have possible fishing stuff to trade. Or I can take you fishing on the glide for a good deal! Let me know if any of you guys have anything. Thanks

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    Just a thought.. there are a few junkyard parts locator websites that you can put in the parts you want, like the hubs, and your zip code. It will tell you who has those parts and how far away. I have bought parts this way and done real well.

    I bet your local yard would have used rims too.