I'm Giving up Candy Bars !

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  1. noeettica

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    more than a square Meal  ...

    TomFl Probibly Knows about these :)


    Looks Promising !


    Hemp Hearts are the best source of protein, the best source of essential fats, the best source of vitamins and the best source of enzymes on the planet. Those who begin each day with at least four, but probably five, measuring tablespoons of Hemp Hearts, preferably with fruit and yogurt (vegetables for diabetics), will notice from the first day that they have sufficient energy for the entire day, that they usually expel wastes after every meal and that they are not hungry again until mid-afternoon. Those who wish to lose weight can do so quickly and easily by restricting their total food consumption after breakfast to a large vegetable salad without significant dressing---eaten in the late afternoon.

    Hemp Hearts do not contain significant amounts of sugar, carbohydrates or saturated fats: It is not a secret that sugar is not essential for health and is detrimental to those with weight problems and diabetes; It is not a secret that starches are not essential for health and are detrimental to those with weight problems and diabetes; It is not a secret that saturated fats are not essential for health and are detrimental to those with weight problems and diabetes, but it is not so well understood that those who consume foods containing significant percentages of inferior nutrients--especially bread, potatoes, pasta and rice--are cheating themselves, every time, of the proteins, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes that they should be consuming because these essential nutrients are so very important for maintaining or restoring health.

    Inevitably, those who eat significant amounts of sweet and starchy foods will experience various forms of premature health failure: Premature health failure may first appear as high cholesterol sign that veins and arteries have lost their elasticity as a result of imperfect diet.
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    For me it's always been a toss up between hemp protein and rice protein for the top of the list. The problem with both is that they don't give you enough fiber... and thats what really counts. ;)

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    I gave up powerbars and went back to good 'ol PBJ's. Make 'em up with all-natural peanut butter, jelly, on a good whole wheat bread and it's better than power bars IMHO.

    Plus there's no soy protein, no high fructose corn syrup, etc.

    it's peanut butter jelly time!!

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    Yup, thats the hardest problem. Finding food that doesn't have soy in it. I think that is one of the best marketing schemes ever! I can't even eat cliff bars anymore. The amount of sugar and soy they put in them is insane! I agree PB&J is the way to go. I cut them up into little pieces and freeze them, they fit perfectly into the saddle bag.

    For the people that don't know the truth about soy I highly recommend watching this video.

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    I was drinking a LOT of silk and got VERY undesirable results ! Painful and embarrassing !

    I Love the PBJ Idea

    I make them separate LOL ... Went cross country with a Loaf of those and Parmalait ...
    slept under convention tables and in closets but I made it ...