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Have a Key West 1520. Built in holders are too short for a 9' fly rod. Console holders would need modification plus they put upper part too high and in harms way of people casting. Any ideas out there? Thanks

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For the next week the weather is not conductive for me to seal up the wood parts I've made so seeing these
(Think some guy on our website makes em :) )
I might just try my hand making a set. I've got at least 20" vertical and over 9' length on the port side of my Nymph.
Fishing reel

Think I'll try to spread it out and for 4 rods. Don't know if mine will turn out like the very cool professional ones in the pic though.

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I have two buddies with 1520s, identical except I think a year apart. We can fit 9' fly rods in one, but not the other (horizontal, with the rod tubes into the front bulkhead).

I'd check the tubes and what's behind them. I think there is foam that prevents the rod tube from going further forward, but can't remember exactly. So, it's definitely possible with that hull, I just can't remember exactly what prevents it in some of them. @Lmhanagr should be able to help out if he sees this, but he's not on the forum very often. I'll see him tomorrow and/or Sunday, so I'll try to remember to ask.
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