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Hey all! I'm new to the forum but am hoping I can be in this club with my 1960 Grumman Sport Boat that I just purchased from my father a couple weeks ago. I'd been eyeing some Gheenoes at the same time and even went to look at one for sale locally. My dad mentioned he'd sell me his Sport Boat and the price (family discount) was too good to pass up, especially when the package included boat, trailer, and 6hp Johnson outboard. See attached photo!

So now that I've had this boat a few weeks and had it on the water 3 times, I've been scheming about what might be done to it to better enable me to fly-cast from a standing position. I realize this boat doesn't have the inherent stability of a Gheenoe but I am curious to see if anyone out there has attempted to install or build a fishing platform on one of these hulls.

I have a couple ideas on what "might" be possible. 1) build a simple wooden platform that would rest on the gunwales of each side of the boat, and use pins/bolts through the oar holder sleeves. This would definitely make for a nice, large fishing platform for solo use, but I also am aware that this would definitely affect the center of balance (side to side mostly) with having me stand so high up.

Another option is to use my Yeti Roadie 20(L) cooler as a fishing platform if I could somehow strap / turnbuckle / or otherwise mount it to the floor of the boat without "altering" the hull in any way - ie, I don't want to drill through any aluminum on the boat itself while making a fishing platform.

Any advice, insight, or referrals to past threads on this topic, related to this specific hull, would be most appreciated!

Thanks for having me as a forum member and for any fly-casters out there, check out my business, Rent This Rod!

Cheers and tight lines to all!
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