i-pilot pricing

Discussion in 'Power it up with Electronics' started by davefishing, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. davefishing

    davefishing I Love microskiff.com!

    Whats a good price for an i-pilot sp 55. I found some for 1029.00 free shipping. Anyone know a cheaper dealer?
  2. Marshfly

    Marshfly I Love microskiff.com!

    That's the best price I've ever seen. Although, with the far superior st available for not much more there is no way I'd buy the old sp mount style. Play with them both and you'll see why.

  3. hmaadd29

    hmaadd29 Well-Known Member

    I've found them for a little less but the deal is gone now. I think it was 959.00.

    If you can hold off till Christmas or Jan you can normally find a better deal. Esp if they clear out that model

    I can't decide between that and stick steering. I've owned both.
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