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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cvilt, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. cvilt

    cvilt I Love microskiff.com!

    What do you guy's use to protect your phone. I have had luck with ziplock bags and a solid plastic waterproof case but I am looking at something that allows full function. I am looking at the lifeproof case but open to your experiences
  2. Megalops

    Megalops Rex Kwan Do Dojo

    I use the Lifeproof and really like it. It allows full function, and is slim. Only complaint is that my car charger can't fit into the slot to charge the phone. Other than that, I use it everytime I'm fishing.

  3. AfterHours2

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    X2 on the Lifeproof case. I'm going on over a year with mine and it has worked great. Since I have a grab bar, they make an attachment for bicycles that clamps perfect on the rail and locks the phone in place. You can find them on Amazon pretty cheap too. No complaints so far and my phone looks as new as when I bought it...
  4. cvilt

    cvilt I Love microskiff.com!

    Thanks guy's. That's what it will be
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